Mathematicians and Mathematics from County Monaghan

Seeking info on people from County Monaghan who have worked with pure or applied maths over the centuries, including some hedge masters, teachers, academics, statisticians, engineers,  physicists, actuaries.  This is a for a blog to go live at the end of February 2019.  Here are the names we currently have.  Please send info on other names to


Clement, William 1707-1782

Flood, Patrick 1827?-1902 

Lennon, Francis 1838-1920

Tarleton, Francis 1841-1920

Stoops, William 1844?-1919

Rountree, Francis 1859?-1944

Stoops, James 1867- ??

Stoops, William A. 1868?- ??

Henry, James/Max 1887?-1947 

Troughton, John 1902-1975 

Rushe, Owen 1917-??  taught at Gormanstown

McGreevy, Thomas Gerard 1929-2015 

Nelson, Roy 1920?-?? very little known

Murphy, Kieran1943-2001?

Marron, Dermot

Mac an Bhaird, Ciarán

McDonnell, Jack



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