Upcoming (county Down)

Mathematicians and Mathematics from county Down

Seeking info on people from County Down who have worked with pure or applied maths over the centuries, including some hedge masters, teachers, academics, statisticians, engineers,  physicists, actuaries. This is for the blog to go live at the end of October. 


Here are the names we currently have.  Please send info on other names to this email.

Up to 1900:


Murray, Richard

Wilson, James

Robinson, Thomas

Thomson, James

Denvir, Cornelius

Linton, Pas

Ingram, John

Gunning, Samuel

Doyle, Patrick

McWatters, George

Fleming, Samuel

Graham, Thomas

Young, John

Stoops, William

Gordon, John

Lowe, William

Chambers, Joseph

Orr, William

Rea, James

Carmody, William

Preston, George

Steede, Benjamin

Allison, William

Lyons, Frederick

Gillespie, Alfred

Martin, James

Vinycomb, Thomas


after 1900:

Thompson, George





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