The Atlas of Irish Mathematics: Waterford (Aug 2022)

Our 32nd bi-monthly regional Irish focused blog highlights mathematical people associated with Waterford, following on Donegal, Wexford, Armagh, Limerick, Westmeath, Mayo, Belfast, Wicklow, Kerry, Galway, Monaghan, Tipperary, Sligo, Carlow, Down, Cork, Cavan, Laois, Londonderry, Meath, Leitrim, Dublin, Clare, Offaly, Tyrone, Kilkenny, Belfast again, Kildare, and Louth.  Two counties have not been treated at all yet, namely Roscommon and Antrim, and most of blogs on counties which include universities will need additional installments to bring their stories into the 21st century.

Waterford has long been the location of the main hub of third level education in the southeast, its RTC (Regional Technical College) opening its doors to students in 1970. It was renamed WIT (Waterford Institute of Technology) in 1997.  In 2022, it became the Waterford campus of SETU (South East Technological University, an amalgamation with a similar institute in Carlow).

Mathematical heads of department at Waterford over the years have included Paul Barry, Mícheál Ó hÉigeartaigh, and Padraig Kirwan. Currently, maths and CS is headed by Alan Davy.

Below we include people born in Waterford city of county, and if we are not specific as to which, that reflects a lack of certainty on our part. We also include those who taught or lectured there for over 2 year, as well as those who did doctorates there.

Given the modest numbers of people included below from recent decades, it's clear that there must be dozens of maths (or maths ed or stats or actuarial or theoretical physics) people missing from this blog.  We may know about some of them without knowing that they are associated with Waterford.  Please help us to fill in these gaps.

We exclude mathsy graduates (mostly from TCD or QUB) whose only Waterford connection was time spent there in parish work. At this time we also exclude those like Catherine Comiskey, Cora Stack, and Michael McGettrick, who lectured at RTC/WIT for 2 years or less.

Comments, additions and corrections are, as always, welcome. As are more photographs.

Thanks to Olivia Bree (SPD), Eoin Gill & Sheila Donegan (WIT/SETU Waterford), Eugene Gath (UL) and David Malone (Maynooth) for valuable input. Last updated 11 February 2024.


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01. Robert Boyle (1627-1691) was born 25 January in Lismore, Waterford, and as a child was educated privately and at Eton, as well as in Italy.  He was one of the most important figures of the period known as the Scientific Revolution. He worked to put chemistry on a mathematical foundation, and is best known for Boyle's law which describes the inversely proportional relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas.

Wikipedia / MacTutor / Birkbeck


02. Physician and mathematician Whitley Stokes (1763-1845) was born in April in either Dublin or Waterford town (he was baptised in Dublin that May). He was educated at TCD (Scholar 1781, BA 1783, MA & Fellow 1789, MB & MD 1793, Senior Fellow 1805). He also studied medicine in Edinburgh. He was the 23rd Donegall Lecturer of Maths (1795-1800) at TCD (1795-1800), King's Professor of the Practice of Medicine (1798-1811), lecturer in natural history (1816-?), chair of medicine at RCSI 1819-1828, and regius prof of physic back at TCD (1830-1840, succeeded by his son). Early in his career, he was a friend of Wolfe Tone, an association that resulted in his being suspended for 3 years. In 1814 he funded an English-Irish dictionary.

Wikipedia / DNB / TCD Bio

03. James Glanville (1812?-1884) was born in Waterford, and was educated at TCD (1836+).  His career was spent as a clergyman in England, mostly in Hampshire.


04. Robert Manning (1816-1897) was born 22 October in Normandy, France, and grew up there and in Waterford town.  He worked as an accountant at first, and from the 1840s on as an engineer.  Despite having no formal training in either engineering or applied maths, in late life he developed a formula for the flow of water in a channel which survives to this day and is named after him.

Wikipedia / DIA / Formula

05. John Welsh (1824?-??) was born in Waterford, and was educated at TCD (BA 1845+).  Career?

06. Theodore Ryland (1827-1904) was born 31 December in Waterford, and was educated at TCD (BA 1849+, MA 1886).  His career was spent as a barrister in Dublin.

1901 Census


07. William Lupton (1830-1876) grew up in Waterford, and was educated at Queen's Belfast (BA 1852, MA 1853), where he was a member of the first class to graduate. He then served as the registrar at Queen's College, Galway (1853-1870), ending his short career as professor of jurisprudence and political economy there.


08. Astronomer Arthur Rambaut (1859-1923) was born 21 September in Waterford town and was educated at TCD (BA 1881, MA 1887, DSc 1892). His career was split between Dunsink (1882-1897), including stints as Royal Astronomer of Ireland and Andrews Professor of Astronomy at TCD, and Oxford Observatory.

Wikipedia / RAS / Obs / Who's Who Nature / 1901 Census


09. William Carmody (1862-1938) was born 17 March in Waterford city.  He was educated at TCD (BA 1886, MA 1918) and had a career as a clergyman, including a stint as Dean of Down.  He made mathematical contributions to the Educational Times.

1901 Census / 1911 Census / Lisburn Rector / Down Dean / Edu Times


10. Tom Morrissey (1877-1942) was born 25 August on the Waterford side of the Old Bridge in Clonmel, Tipperary. He was educated at Blackrock College (BA 1896, BL & ML 1909?).  He taught at Blackrock for a few years and then and worked for 2 decades in the Public Records Office. He then served for another 2 decades as Assistant Commissioner for Intermediate Education.  Mathematical physicist Lochlainn O'Raifeartaigh (1933-2000) was a grandson of his.

1901 Census / 1911 Census / Death / Obit


11. Patrick J. Dowling (1888-1972) was born 18 March in Kilmurry, Slieverue, Kilkenny.  He was educated at first at UCD (BSc Chem 1909?, HDip 1913, MA 1914), his thesis being on "Use of Memory and Imagination in Mathematics and Science".  He taught in Waterford and Kilkenny, and later earned a PhD in education from the University of London (1929), where he then lectured on the subject.

1901 Census / 1911 Census / Bio / Book


12. Physicist Ernest Walton (1903-1995) was born 6 October in Dungarvan, Waterford, and grew up mostly in Limerick, Down, Tyrone and Belfast.  He was educated first at TCD (BA 1926, MSc 1927 by thesis under JL Synge). At Cambridge, he engaged in research which culminated in a PhD under Ernest Rutherford in 1931. His "splitting the atom" with John Cockroft lead to the two men later sharing a Nobel prize.  He lectured at TCD for 4 decades, from 1946–1974 as Erasmus Smith's Prof of Natural & Experimental Philosophy.

1911 Census / Nobel / Wikipedia / TCD


13. Kevin Killeen (1908-1995) was born 26 April in Carrowmore, near Claremorris, Mayo, and grew up close by in Hollymount.  He was educated at UCG (BComm 1927, BA 1928, MA 1929), winning the first NUI Travelling Studentship Prize there. After a few years on the staff at QUB, his career was spent in vocational education, first in Wicklow and Wexford, and then for over 30 years in Waterford (1941-1973).

1911 Census 1941 / Hon degree

14. Louis Hughes (1912-1955) was born 9 June in Dublin, and was educated at UCD (BA 1932, MA 1933, HDip), winning an NUI Travelling Studentship Prize in 1933.  He lectured at St Patrick's Drumcondra (1936-1944) before becoming an inspector of schools in the Dept of Education in Waterford.  He died quite young.


15. Austin Bourke (1913-1995) was born in Dungarvan, Waterford, and was educated at first at UCC (BSc 1933, MSc 1934).  He lectured there for 5 years before joining the Met Service, where he worked for 4 decades, rising to the position of director. Along the way, he did a PhD in UCD in 1965 on "The Potato, Blight, Weather, and the Irish Famine", reflecting his expertise in agrometeorology and plant biometeorology.

Bio1 / Bio2 & Chess

16. Modal logician George Hughes (1918-1994) was born 8 June in Waterford city, and grew up there and in Scotland.  He studied philosophy at Glasgow (MA 1938?) and Cambridge, and taught at Glasgow, Cardiff, and Bangor.  The rest of his career was spent at the Victoria Univ (1951-1984), in Wellington, NZ.  His numerous books include A New Introduction to Modal Logic (1966), now regarded by some as setting out a mathematical theory of meaning.


17. John Cuddihy (1922-1968?) was born in Waterford and was educated at UCD (BSc 1942). Died in London? Nothing further is known.

18. Milo Kenny (1923-1998) was born 7 November in Waterford, and was educated at UCD (BSc 1944, MSc 1945).  His career was spent as a priest in the Spiritans, first in Nigeria and then in the USA. 


19. Bobby Curran was born 3 March in Ring, Waterford, and was educated at UCG (BSc 1958, MSc 1959) and at Queen Mary & Westfield in London. He lectured at Northern Poly (London) before returning to UCG in 1968.  He lectured maths there for a decade before becoming director of CS for a further quarter century.


20. Electrical engineer Annraoi de Paor was born 5 August in Waterford, and was educated at first at UCD (BE 1961) and  Berkeley (MSc 1963). His 1966+ PhD on "Applications of Canonical Matrices to Engineering Systems Analysis" was done back at UCD, while he lectured at the Univ of Salford. He returned to UCD for good in 1978.  His speciality is control theory, and he also pursues interests in biomedical engineering and renewable energy. In 2013, he published the book An Illustrated Collection of Limericks for Engineers and Physicists. He also has honorary doctorates from NUI (1974) and DIT (2004).

Bio / UCD

21. Pat F. Walsh (1948-2021) was born in Tallow, Waterford, and was educated at UCD (BSc 1969).  He lectured for many decades at Kevin St.  He carried out extensive testing of basic maths skills across a wide range of students.


22. Michael N. Brennan was born in Kilkenny city and was educated at first at UCC (BSc 1965, HDip).  He taught secondary school, including at Our Lady's Bower in Athlone (1978-1982), getting an MSc (1982) from Maynooth along the way.  He then lectured at RTC Waterford (later WIT, 1985-2009), where he was instrumental in setting up the maths support centre.  He later did a PhD (2012) in art history at Bangor in Wales, and is now an art-science research fellow at TCD.  He is working on the book Observations on Interlace in Art: its Structure and Varieties.

TCD / ResearchGate

23. Michael Ryan was born in Dublin and was educated at UCD (BSc 1965, MSc 1967).  His career was spent at Waterford RTC and from 1980 on at NIHE Dublin (later DCU), serving as head of CS at the latter.  He co-authored the book Using Fuzzy Logic: towards intelligent systems, Volume 1.

DCU / Indo / OCE

24. Brogan De Paor was born in Waterford, and was educated at UCC (BSc 1966, MSc 1967), following which he studied briefly at Caltech.  His career has been spent as a filmmaker.


25. Tom Keane was born in Waterford and was educated at UCC (BSc 1966, MSc 1967).  His career was spent in the CSO (based in Cork), where he served as head of IT.


26. Des Walsh was born in Dungarvan, Waterford, and was educated at UCC (BSc 1966?, MSc 1968).  His career was spent in computing?

27. Applied mathematician Pat O'Leary was born in Waterford city, and was educated at UCG (BSc 1967, MSc 1968) and at Princeton (PhD 1972).  His thesis on "An Investigation of the Application of Microfluid Theory to Turbulence" was done under Amhed Eringen.  He lectured at Kevin St and UCC before spending 3 decades at UCG.


28. Applied mathematician John "Maxie" Power was born in Waterford city, and was educated at UCC (BSc 1967).  After a spell in South American, he earned C Eng MIEI (1976) and worked as an engineer in Ireland.


29. Tom O'Leary was born in Waterford city, and was educated at UCC (BSc 1969?, MSc 1970).  His career was spent at CIT.


30. Tom Power was educated at UCC (BSc 1970?, MSc 1972).  He lectured at WIT until 2015.



31. Mícheál Ó hÉigeartaigh was born in Galway and was educated.  His career included stints at RTC Carlow and DCU, then WIT, retiring from there in 2015. 



32. Hugh Dobbs was born 11 April in Dublin, and was educated at TCD (BA in chemistry 1970, HDip).  He taught maths in school in Waterford for 35 years. His son Neil is a mathematician at UCD.

33. Bill Coffey was born in Waterford and was educated at TCD (BAI 1971, MSc 1973, PhD 1975).  His thesis on "On the Theory of Dielectric Saturation in Polar Fluids" was done with Brendan Scaife.  After 2 years at the Univ of Salford, his career was spent in EE at TCD. His books include The Langevin Equation: With Applications in Physics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering.

34. Jeanne Stynes (née Pe Ng) was born in the Philippines and was educated at the Univ of the Philippines (BSc 1970) and Ateneo de Mainila (MSc 1972), and then at Oregon State (PhD 1977).  Her thesis on "The Zp(t)-adequacy of Pure Polynomials" was done under Burton Fein. She lectured at Waterford RTC (1979-1984) and then at CIT (1984-2012).

35. Martin Stynes was born 31 October in Cobh, Cork, and was educated at first at UCC (BSc 1972, MSc 1973), where he earned an NUI Travelling Studentship.  His 1977 PhD on "An Algorithm for the Numerical Calculation of the Degree of a Mapping" was done at Oregon State under Phil Anselone.  He lectured at Waterford RTC (1979-1984) and then back at UCC (1984-2012), where he supervised 8 PhD students.  Since then, he has been engaged in research at Beijing Computational Science Research Center. His books include Numerical Treatment of Partial Differential Equations.

BCSRS / ResearchGate

36. Paul Barry was born in Dublin and was educated at first at TCD (BA 1974) and Bordeaux (MSc 1976).  Most of his career was spent at RTC Waterford/WIT (1981-2014).  Along the way he did his PhD at UCC (2009) with a thesis on "A Study of Integer Sequences, Riordan Arrays, Pascal-like Arrays and Hankel Transforms" under Pat Fitzpatrick.  He authored the book Riordan Arrays: a Primer and co-authored The Riordan Group and Applications.

ResearchGate / Google Scholar

37. Eddie Doolan was born in Waterford and was educated at TCD (BA 1975, MSc 1977, PhD 1980), his thesis on "Uniform Numerical Methods for Problems with Initial and Boundary Layers" being done under John Miller.  His career has been spent working in industry and energy in Holland.


38. Declan McGrath was born in Waterford city and was educated at first at UCD (BSc 1975, HDip 1976), then at TCD (MSc 1986).  He taught for 7 years at St Paul's Raheny, before lecturing at Waterford RTC/WIT (1983-2020).


39. Colm Long (1954-2015) was born in Cashel, Tipperary, and was educated at UCC.  His entire career was spent at Waterford RTC/WIT, lecturing maths and engineering sciences. He was also very active in the Teachers Union of Ireland.


40. Eugene O'Riordan was born in Dublin and was educated at UCD (BSc 1977, MSc 1978) and TCD (PhD 1982).  His thesis on "" was done under John Miller.  His career started in Waterford RTC (1982-1985?) and Dundalk RTC (1985?-1992) and Tallaght (1992-?) before he settled at DCU (?-2019).  He supervised 4 PhDs and co-authored the book Fitted Numerical Methods for Singular Perturbation Problems: Error Estimates in the Maximum Norm for Linear Problems in One and Two Dimensions. His interests are in singularly perturbed differential equations, numerical analysis, and Shishkin meshes.

DCU / ResearchGate

41. Anne Daly Walsh was born in ?? and was educated at first at UCG (BA 1979, HDip 1980) and TCD (HDip computers in ed, 1982).  She taught at the secondary level in Dublin (1980-1997) before moving to IT Tallaght for 2 years.  Since then she has lectured at WIT (now SETU).  In 2005, she got an MA at Univ Limerick on "Information and Communication Technology in Education".


42. Eugene Gath was born 10 March in Dublin and grew up mostly there and just outside Waterford city.  He was educated at UCD (BSc 1981, MSc 1982), where he won an NUI Travelling Studentship Prize, and at MIT.  His 1989 PhD on "Exact Results in Quantum Field Theory: The Spinor Lehmann Representation in Anti-de Sitter Space and the Superconformal Thirring Ghosts" was done with Dan Freedman. Most of his career has been spent at UL, where his original focus on relativity, conformal field theory and string theory has given way to applications of mathematics and statistics, especially financial mathematics.


43. Donal T. Hurley was born 17 July in Waterford city and grew up there and in Dublin.  He was educated at UCD (BSc 1981, MSc 1982), doing research under Michael Hayes.  His career was in secondary teaching, mostly in the UK.  He taught for many years (2003-2020) in Clackmannanshire, east of Stirling.


44. Jim Stack was educated at TCD (BA 1982??, PhD 1986). His thesis on "Statistical Exploration of Data Bases" was done with Antony Unwin & John Haslett.  He lectured on statistics at WIT for many years, and since then has served as advisor to medical research groups.


45. Brendan McCann was born in Galway and was educated at UCG (BA 1982, MA 1983) and at Würzburg (PhD 1985).  His thesis on "" was done under Hermann Heineken.  Most of his career has been spent at WIT (SETU).


46. Susan MacDonald was born in Mullingar, Westmeath, and was educated at Maynooth (BA 1983, MA 1986, PhD 2008+).  Her thesis on "The Paradigm Shift from Euclid to a Composite System of Geometry in Intermediate Certificate Mathematics in Ireland, 1966-1973" was done with Richard Watson & John Coolahan.  Her whole career has been spent at WIT (SETU).


47. Engineer John Halley was born in Dublin and grew up in Killotteran, Butlerstown, Waterford.  He was educated in electrical engineering at UCD (BE 1983), Univ London (ME 1985, PhD 1989).  His thesis on "Thermal and Power Dissipation Considerations in Nonlinear Optical Logic Devices" was done under John Midwinter.  His career started at Imperial (1990-1995) and St Andrews (1996-1999). Since then he has been involved in mathematical ecology in Greece, at Aristotle Univ Thessaloniki and then at Univ Ioannina.


48. Orla Flynn was born 28 Sep in New York City and grew up there and in Lismore, Waterford.  She was educated at first at UCC (BSc in maths physics and CS 1986, MSc 1989).  She lectured at CIT for many years, rising to the rank of vice president.  Along the way she earned a 2007 MA in education at WIT, and a 2017 PhD at Limerick.  Her thesis on "A Fragmented Field: Deinstitutionalisation and Competing Logics in the Reorganisation of Art and Design Higher Education in Ireland and the United Kingdom" was done with Michael Morley.  She became president of GMIT in 2020, and then president of ATU in 2022.

LinkedIn / ATU

49. Engineer P.J. Cregg was born 6 May in Bray, Wicklow, and was educated at TCD (BAI 1988, PhD 1992).  His thesis "On the Theory of Debye and Néel Relaxation of a Single Domain Ferromagnetic Particle" was done under Bill Coffey. He now lectures in EE at WIT, where his interests include magnetism, maths modelling and telecommunications.


50. Cormac O'Raifeartaigh was born 26 March in Dublin, and was educated at UCD (BSc physics, 1988) and TCD (PhD 1994).  His thesis on "Spin-Dependent Conductivity in Silicon-on-Sapphire" was done under Robert Barklie. Most of his career has been spent lecturing in physics at WIT (SETU). He trained as a solid-state physicist, and is very active in the history and philosophy of 20th century science.

Wikipedia / GoogleScholar / Site


51. Eleanor Walsh (née Meehan) was born 9 March in Dungarvan, Waterford, and was educated at first at Maynooth (BA 1988, MA 1989).  She lectured at St Pat's, Drumcondra (1991-1992) and DKIT (1992-1996), then at Limerick IT (1996-2001).  Along the way she did a PhD on "Some Results on Matrix Spectra" (1998+) with Tom Laffey at UCD.  She spent 2008-2021 with Business in the Community Ireland, supporting programmes focused on educational inclusion, literacy and numeracy, and developed the national numeracy programme called Time to Count for 3rd class children.  She now works in STEM outreach at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.


52. Frank Leonard was born WHERE? and was educated at UCG (BSc 1990?, MSc 1993).  His whole career has been spent lecturing at WIT (SETU).


53. Pádraig Kirwan was born 18 Mar in Dundalk, Louth, and was educated at UCG (BSc 1991, MSc 1992, PhD 1997) and at Kent State Univ in Ohio.  His thesis on "Complexification of Multilinear and Polynomial Mappings on Normed Spaces" was done under Ray Ryan.  Most of his career has been spent at WIT (SETU), where he has served as dept head.  His expertise now includes analytical chemistry and polymers.

SETU / ResearchGate

54. Kieran C. Murphy was born near Bantry, Cork, and was educated at DCU (BSc 1991, PhD 1996).  His thesis on "Dynamic Buckling of Linear Viscoelastic Rods" was done under David Reynolds.  His whole career has been spent at WIT (SETU).  His interests include the mathematical modelling of drug targetting.

SETU / ResearchGate

55. Shane O'Rourke was born in Waterford city and grew up there and in Galway city.  He was educated at UCG (BSc 1994, MSc 1995) and at Queen Mary in London (PhD 2000).  His thesis on "Group Actions on Trees and Related Structures" was done under Ian Chiswell. His career started at UCC, and since 2005 he has been at CIT (MTU).


56. Ann Vereker was educated at UCC (BA in econ & maths 1996, HDip 1997) and UL (MSc 2007). She has long lectured at WIT (SETU). Her interests include the role of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

SETU / Bio

57. Angela Flynn was born in Kilmacthomas, Waterford, and was educated at Queen Mary in London (MSc 1999, PhD 2005).  Her thesis on "Rotational Dynamics in the Solar System" was done under Belfast's Carl Murray.  Her career has been spent in finance, in London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

58. Mathematical physicist Deirdre Kilbane was born in Ballycahill, Tipperary, west of Thurles, and was educated at UCD (BSc physics 1999) and Maynooth (PhD 2004).  Her thesis on "Searches for Signatures in Quantum Chaos" was done with Dan Heffernan and Gerry O'Sullivan.  Since then she has worked at UCD (2009-2014 & 2016-2018) and at the University of Kaiserslautern (2014-2016).  In 2018 she joined WIT's TSSG, and recently became director of research at the Walton Institute there.

Walton Institute / LinkedIn / GoogleScholar

59. Noreen Quinn was educated at Mary Immaculate College Limerick (BA 2000) and DCU (MSc 2001, PhD 2005).  Her thesis on "Modelling Lactation and Liveweight Curves in Irish Dairy Cows" was done under Lynn Killen. After 5 years at WIT, she moved to CIT (MTU) in 2011, where she now lecture in stats.


60. Neil B. Dobbs was born 26 January in Waterford city and was educated at TCD (BA 2001) and Paris (PhD 2006+). His theseis on "Critical Points, Cusps and Induced Expansion in Dimension One" was done under Jacek Graczyk. His career so far has included positions in Warsaw, Stockholm, New York, Helsinki and Geneva. He is now at UCD, where his interests include measure-theoretical behaviour of chaotic dynamical systems and the geometric properties of Julia sets.

UCD / GoogleScholar

61. Nikos Georgiou was born in Cyprus and was educated there (BSc 2001. MSc 2004) and at IT Tralee (PhD 2009+).  His thesis on "The Geometry of the Space of Oriented Geodesics in Hyperbolic 3-Space" was done under Brendan Guilfoyle.  After a few years in Brazil, he settled at WIT (SETU).


62. Denis Flynn was born in ??? and was educated at UCC (BSc Physics 2002, HDip 2003, MSc 2004, PhD 20o8++). His thesis on "The Prediction and Identification Problems for Hysteretic Multiphase Flows Through Porous Media--an Exploration of Methods Using a Simple Differential Equation with Hysteresis (Preisach Operator)" was done under PJ O'Kane. After a postdoc at UCC, he joined the staff at WIT (SETU) in 2014. His interests include the maths modelling of hysteresis in physics.

WIT / LinkedIn / ResearchGate

63. Statistician Laura Kirwan was born in Dublin and was educated at UCD (BA 2002, PhD 2007). Her thesis on "Predicting the Effects of Biodiversity Loss on Ecosystem Functioning" was done with John Connolly.  She lectured at WIT (2007-2013) and UCD (2014-2016) before moving to the Cyctic Fibrosis Registry where she is now head of research.

LinkedIn / ResearchGate

64. Aoife Hennessy was born 19 August in Tramore, Waterford. She was educated at DCU (BSc 2002), NUIG (MSc 2007) and WIT (PhD 2011).  Here thesis on "???" was done under Paul Barry. She has worked as an actuary, and after stints at Queen Mary (London) and UCC she settled back at WIT. Her interests include combinatorics and statistics.

65. Tony Lyons was educated at TCD (BA 2004), Amsterdam (MSc 2007) and DCU (PhD 2013+).  His thesis on "Integrable Systems as Fluid Models with Physical Applications" was done with Rossen Ivanov. His career was been spent at WIT (SETU).

SETU / LinkedIn

66. Ruairí de Fréin was born in Dublin(?) and was educated at UCD (BE 2004, PhD 2009+), his thesis on "Adapting Bases Using the Synchronized Short Time Fourier Transform and Non-negative Matrix Factorization" being done under Scott Rickard.  His career has been spent lecturing in CS and WIT (SETU).

67. Arnauld Mwafise was born in Cameroon, and was educated at the Univ Buea there (BSc 2004), and at WIT (MSc in CS 2011, PhD 2017).  His thesis on "Riordan Arrays, Elliptic Functions and their Application" was done under Paul Barry.

ResearchGate / GoogleScholar

68. Cáit Ni Shuilleabháin was born in Ring, Waterford, and was educated at UCC (BSc 2005, MSc 2006, PhD 2009).  Her thesis on "Mathematics in the Life of Éamon de Valera" was done with Des MacHale. She lectured at UCC for a while, and then taught in Kinsale.


69. Eoin Long was born 14 April in Waterford city, and was educated at TCD (BA 2006) and Cambridge (MA 2007, PhD 2012). His thesis on "Long Paths in the Cube and Other Combinatorial Results" was done under Imre Leader.  He has worked at Oxford, Queen Mary (University of London), and Tel Aviv University. He now lectures at Birmingham, where his interests include extremal and probabilistic combinatorics.


70. Diarmuid Early was born in Passage East, Waterford, and was educated at UCC (BSc 2007, PhD 2010).  His thesis on "" was done under Michel Schellekens.  His career so far has been spent at Deutsche Bank (USA).

71. Kevin Moroney was born 2 November in Ballyduff Upper, west of Lismore, Waterford, and was educated at UCC (BSc 2011, MSc 2012) and at UL (PhD 2016).  His thesis on "Heat and Mass Transfer in Dispersed Two-Phase Flows" was done under William Lee & Stephen O'Brien. His career so far has been spent at MACSI/UL, where his research is on mathematical modelling. Recent studies have included the flow and extraction of coffee from coffee beds, contact lens hydration, and drug release from tablets in in-vitro dissolution processes.

UL / ResearchGate

72. Ivan Cliffe was born in Cappoquin, Waterford, and was educated at UCC (BSc 2011?).  He currently teaches in Tramore.

Award1 / Award2