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Overview of Annals of Irish Mathematicians and Mathematics


On 2 Jun 2023, a survey talk "The Annals of Irish Mathematics: Trying to Track Four Centuries of Mathematical Activity" was given on Zoom hosted by MAA HOM SIGMAA (the Mathematical Association of America's special interest group on the History of Mathematics).  The slides are here.


"Many thanks for your lovely talk.  It was fascinating and inspiring, and full of interesting information."

[Tony Mann, University of Greenwich]


"Congratulations and a huge thank you for a wonderful and revealing lecture."

[Petros Florides, TCD]


"Thanks for the excellent talk, and for all the hard work behind it and your sites regarding Irish connected mathematics."

[Oisin McGuiness, NYC]


"Leafing through the slides and the wealth of information they contain I can only marvel at your endeavor and  industry over the years for gathering it. Well done!"

[Finbarr Holland, UCC]


The earlier article HOM on Display: The Annals of Irish Mathematics & Mathematicians on the Annals of Irish Mathematicians and Mathematics appeared in the Fall 2018 HOM SIGMAA Newsletter (Volume VII, Number 2, September 2018, pages 11-14). Thanks to editor Cynthia Huffman of Pittsburgh State University for her interest and guidance, and for permission to host the article here.


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