Irish Maths Wall Calendars


Maths Week Ireland at SETU Waterford (formerly WIT) has published and distributed free of charge 8 annual Irish Mathematics Wall Calendars, starting in 2016. The 9th, for 2024, is in preparation.

These bespoke calendars, crammed with information and images, are a bi-product of the Annals of Irish Mathematics and Mathematicians, which is now in its 10th year, having been founded at the end of 2014. 


The 2023 calendar is downloadable here.

It features a bonus page of six people (e.g., Charles Willoughby and Matthew Fry) for whom we have neither a likeness nor knowledge about what month they were born, hence, we cannot assign them to one of the usual twelve monthly pages.


Download 2022 Calendar above here.


The 2022 calendar was a historical issue, focusing on people for whom we have no visual representation of any kind.  In place of faces we showed places with which they were associated, usually the university where they received their education. Breaking with tradition, we did not celebrate giants such as Hamilton and Boole, or the usual early women pioneers, or any living people. Yet the 72 people highlighted from January to December are all noteworthy in their own ways.

We also featured a bonus page of six people whose likenesses are known to us, and were shared here (see the cover above), but we don't know what month they were born. Hence, we could not assign them to one of the usual twelve monthly pages; people like Richard Murray and James McCullagh.


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The Irish Mathematics Wall Calendar concept is the brainchild of Colm Mulcahy, creator and curator of the Annals of Irish Mathematics and Mathematicians. The calendars are tangible and useful products of the research that has gone into AIMM. They provide annual snapshots of Irish maths heritage going back several centuries, and hopefully they are also also inspirational.

They feature many Irish mathematicians from past and present, alongside other mathematicians who have worked on the island, along with dates of key events of interest to mathematicians. Books of note are also highlighted. The information is compiled by Colm with input from WIT staff, Maurice OReilly, Rachel Quinlan, Olivia Bree, and others in Ireland and overseas. Production is by Eoin Gill and Sheila Donegan and printing and distribution is supported by Maths Week Ireland. Up to 1,000 copies have been distributed each year free of charge to mathematicians, teachers and other interested people.

The 6 earlier calendars from 2016-2021 can be seen by clicking on the links below.




Download the PDF of Irish 2016 Maths Calendar (4.5MB) Here





 Download the PDF of Irish 2017 Maths Calendar (22.5MB) here



Download the PDF of Irish Maths Calendar 2018 (18MB) here




Download a PDF of Irish Mathematics Calendar 2019 (3.9MB) here




The PDF of the 2020 Calendar is here




You can open the PDF of the 2021 calendar by clicking here. 


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