Celebrating Women in Irish Mathematics
30 mins video of 26 Jun 2021 talk on "Pioneering WIMEN" from the 3-speaker Women in STEM session at the 9th Robert Boyle Summer School. 

 (Colm's part starts half-way in, here.)

CORRECTED SLIDES from that talk: Pioneering WIMEN, Sat 26 Jun 2021


Blog: The First Fifty-Five Females in Irish Maths, May 2021


A Maths Week salute to some of Irish women who lead the way when it came to a career in mathematics (with Michel Destrade), RTE Brainstorm, 18 Oct 2017


Pioneering Women in Irish Maths, School of Mathematics & Statistics, NUIG, Fri 13 Oct 2017


Pioneering Women in Irish Maths, Public Lecture - George Boole Focus Programme in Mathematical Sciences, UCC, Tue 14 Mar 2017


Pioneering Women in Irish Maths, WIT, Wed 15 Mar 2017 (click link for details) SLIDES


Over the last 150 years, many women in (and from) Ireland have pursued mathematics in both advanced studies and for careers.  The opportunities for female mathematicians were limited in earlier times, but today we see women at the highest levels of achievement in teaching, research and administration, both in Ireland and overseas. 

Here we highlight some of the women who have made significant contributions to pure and applied maths, mathematical physics, statistics, math education and related fields, from the 1860s to the present day.

(top row) Sophie Willock (later Bryant),  Alice Boole (later Stott), Muriel Wales, Sheila Power (later Tinney), Cathleen Synge (later Morawetz), Siobhán O'Shea (later Vernon), Nóra Ní Chuív, Sarah McMurry;

(middle row) Elizabeth Oldham, Sally McClean, Marie Reilly, Gabrielle Kelly, Catherine Comiskey, Annette Pilkington, Pauline Mellon, Aisling McCluskey;

(bottom row) Áine Ní Shé, Natalia Kopteva, Sinéad Ryan, Rachel Quinlan, Sinéad Breen, Sarah Mitchell, Eabhnat Ní Fhloinn,  Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin.


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