Irish Maths Calendar

The first Irish Mathematics Calendar was prepared for 2016, and the 2020 one is in the early stages of planning. The concept was the brainchild of Colm Mulcahy, creator and curator of the Annals of Irish Mathematics and Mathematicians. The calendars are tangible and useful products of the research that has gone into AIMM. They provide annual snapshots of Irish maths heritage going back several centuries, and hopefully they are also also inspirational. They feature many Irish mathematicians from past and present, alongside other mathematicians who have worked on the island, along with dates of key events of interest to mathematicians.  The information is compiled by Colm with input from Maurice O'Reilly, Rachel Quinlan, Olivia Bree, and others in Ireland and overseas. Production is by Eoin Gill and Sheila Donegan and printing and distribution is supported by Maths Week Ireland. 1,000 copies have been distributed each year free of charge to mathematicians, teachers and other interested people. The calendars can also be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Download the PDF of Irish 2016 Maths Calendar (4.5MB) Here



 Download the PDF of Irish 2017 Maths Calendar (22.5MB) Here

Download the PDF of Irish Maths Calendar 2018 (18MB) Here

Download pdf of Irish Mathematics Calendar 2019 (3.9MB) here

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